good morning guys and welcome back to the PhD vlog so today is the 17th of June it’s a Wednesday and officially I’ve passed the two week to submission point it’s now one week and six days and it’s really scary same one week in that situation it just feels like all of a sudden I’ve barely got any time left to do changes and whatnot ah anyway this morning I am walking myself he has just staged a little protest she’s sitting down in the park refusing to walk any further some days none of us feel like we can get up in the morning go on my cell today I’m going to work from home and my plan is to finish going through all these footnotes it’s taking a lot longer than I expected but I don’t want to give any more time to it other than today I’m pleased that I’ve been making some cuts almost a place that I found a lot of typos although that is also concerning because I didn’t think I had many typos in my thesis and I found quite a lot in the footnotes but anyway it’s making it all better once I’ve done that I’m showing it to a friend and he’s an English PhD student at the University of Kent and he’s offered to proofread it I’m high over in the walk I’m at my desk and I’m ready to get started three chapters worth of proofreading footnotes to go when chapter down two chapters to go and it’s time for some tea okay it’s 1:30 now and I am halfway through the kind of reading that I’ve got to get done today getting through it but I am feeling really really tired I guess doing this really very close rigorous type of work that requires a lot of closed concentration and real attention to detail it is quite draining and I am feeling quite exhausted but I am I really I am committed to getting this done today I don’t want to keep my friend Michael who’s gonna proofread it waiting any longer so I just need to find it within myself to continue to persevere the most annoying thing is I’m doing all my editing by hand so once I finished I do have to type it all up but anyway I will deal with that when I get there I think this can definitely be described as rustic I’m now halfway through chapter 4 so after this I have shut the stall to go and I am fading good afternoon guys so it’s now 5 o’clock and I’m now taking myself but his afternoon walk I finished four out of the five chapters so I’m going really well but I am so exhausted I mean I think that today I’ve put in the most effort that I’ve put in on any day this month so far today I’m working really hard and I’m proud of myself for that but at the same time you know it’s a struggle for me to kind of meet the deadlines that I set myself today or to achieve the goal that I set myself today I think when I come home I’m going to start typing up all the edits that I’ve been doing believe this rather than continue reading chapter 5 because I think it’s most important that I actually finish reading everything be too tired to actually type up all the changes so you know worst case scenario if I send in the piece and say here it is but I’ll send you chapter 5 tomorrow but for now I’m just going to enjoy a little walk in sunshine hopefully that will reinvigorate me a little bit I’m really happy that I decided to start typing up the changes I’m already up to chapter 3 and I’m kind of getting motivated by all the progress that I’m making rendering the word document into its you know proof read footnote improved form so I might even find it within myself to finish editing all those footnotes in chapter 5 fingers crossed it’s 8:30 I’ve typed up all the changes and I’m going for it I’m gonna keep editing all the footnotes at chapter 5 I think I can get it all done tonight it’s 9:30 and I’m now up to my bibliography getting that it slightly is now 10 past 10 and I have finished I’ve never expected that task to take so long but I’ve now gone through my entire thesis I’ve shaved off 3 pages worth of writing which I’m so pleased about and I’ve gone through all my footnotes cross-reference them with my bibliography and deleted a whole heap of repetition and yeah I’m really happy with that I’ve now sent it to my friend just gonna proofread my faces for me he’s also a PhD student so I will proofread his thesis in turn once he is ready to submit it and I think that’s a really good thing to do to find a buddy and proofread one anothers thesis if possible and yes so I’m gonna go to have a bath and go to bed now this video will have to wait until tomorrow it should be edited because I am exhausted I don’t know how many hours I’ve been working for today but far too many tomorrow I am turning over to my conclusion so my supervisors looked at the most recent changes that I made and has said that it’s all ready to be submitted basically except she thinks I should do one more draft of the conclusion so yeah tomorrow I’m going to turn over to the conclusion I definitely like to get that done by the weekend so that’ll be my goal for Thursday and Friday thank you for joining me today and watching the vlog I think today has been one of the most difficult days so far of this month and it’s probably more what I thought this kind of month was going to be like should be thankful that it’s only been one day so far it’s been like this anyway I don’t look forward to seeing you again tomorrow see you then guys bye